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for help. >> his brother says that he was a 20-year veteran of the u.s. navy with a wife and daughter in the philippines. >>> also in oakland, investigators are looking into armed robbery at a desert and tea shop. they say two masked men robbed nine customers at mr. green bubble just before 11:00 last night taking their purses wallets and electronics and took money from the cash register and no one was hurt. >>> fire crews tackling a one alarm fire say they std across a marijuana growing facility. they were called to an apartment building around 5:15 and they say they were coming from the first floor and quickly spread. a spokesman said they had a tough time getting through the building because it was filled with debris but once they reached the top floor, they found dozens of marijuana plants. >> the third floor had two rooms that made extra room in there and both rooms had plants at different stages, and in full bloom with buds. you could smell it from the street. >> no one was hurt. the cause is still under investigation. fire officials say they're ruling out electrical problem. oa
. >> reporter: there is reaction around the world to manage because of confidential u.s. military documents. some 90,000 pages of documents posted on an unusual website. scott mcfarlane reports on washington from the breech. >> you probably have never heard about this before but they are reading wikileaks.org it came as no surprise to this man. >> the american people are not. they have seen the chaos broke in afghanistan and there is no clear reason why. >> they say they have an ax to grind and have an ugly picture indicating they are clapping with the television also indicating u.s. military were operating shorthand, short on resources and they say recent tropes surges is a remedy that problem. >> for years and years more troops were needed and had been requested by the commanding general but no troops were forthcoming and that is why the president increased our number of troops heading into an important election. >> reporter: they say much of what was posted on the web site is old news or not surprising to anyone who has followed the war in afghanistan but the blood that was so popular t
and will continue to cooperate with the district attorney. >> please save the woman is a naturalized u.s. citizens in the other woman is from the philippines. both are being held in jail tonight each on $1 million bail and right now san francisco police say they are facing the women's bank accounts and trying to find out if any money was sent overseas. reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the driver of the submit truck lost control today and the driver said he was delivering a load of concrete and hit a tree and a power pole before coming to rest. the driver suffered minor injuries and pg&e said 1500 customers lost power until 145 this afternoon. >>> ac transit says it is considering a new that could affect thousands of bus writer is a. they are facing a $56 million deficit and says it needs union workers to improve contract concessions in negotiations stalled last month they imposed a controversial new contract on the drivers and members of the union objects to the new work rules and shift changes and says the contract was imposed about 150 to 200 employees have been calling
too low. >>> appeal court in switzerland restored olympic medals stripped from a group of u.s. relay runners in the 2000 sidney games. the sprinters lost their gold and bronze medals of their team mait admitted she was using performance enhancing drugs. but their decision to disqualify the entire team was unfair sings no rules were in place to disqualify teammates because of doping by one athlete. >>> the nation's largest supplier and maker of artificial turf is going to remove lead from their product. the state of california sued two georgia-based companies in 2008 for violating proposition 65. tests found lead levels in the artificial turf that are more than 10 times higher than what's allowed. in addition to removing the lead, the companies agreed to proi replacement fields at a discount. >>> new details on a heart-wrenching story near tracy. coming up, what investigators are planning to do after five horses died from dehydration. >> the state's first cases of west nile virus found because people did this. that story still ahead. >> and it was a little bit cooler today. your weeke
and the government and he says the u.s. should lead the world in creating the green technology and chairs the environment and public works committee pitchy says federal money has been providing training for workers in the green industries. >>> late today ibm reported earnings of $2.61 a share beating forecasts but revenues totalling $21.7 billion fell slightly short of what analysts were hoping for a. shares were off about 4% after the close. >>> the doubt and nasdaq started the week with gains. the dow industrials closed 56 points higher and nasdaq gained 19 p this is a big week for corporate earnings and a strong report from halliburton led the energy sector. >>> san francisco could expect an economic boom if it hopes posts the next america's cup race. it came out today. the race would be held in 2013 or 2014 and could pump $1.4 billion into the bay area's economy and that is three times more than what the super bowl would bring. the report says the race would generate 9,000 jobs. >>> coming up on bay area news at 7:00, a fire in the south bay reasons concerns about safety. parents reac
grow the economy by about 3% this year but bernanke said that u.s. housing market remains weak. >>> wall street turned negative. the dow industrials ended with a triple digit lost in the nasdaq -- and the nasdaq lost 35-point. >>> for a piece by piece guide on how it affects you, click the business tabbed just below the banner on our homepage ktvu.com at. >>> police released video today of a man and woman suspected in of shooting appeared the man was gunned down in the parent robbery on webster street and the surveillance footage was captured by cameras at a nearby office building could they identified the subject as a man and woman african-american and he was in town for a job interview at google the next day. >>> santa clara county sheriff's deputies shot a suspect on a remote area near the santa clara day county alameda county line and it was a joint operation involving both county law enforcement. officials say when deputies approached the pot farm they encountered someone who they believe was armed and the incident is being investigated. >>> accused 583 freeway shooter mad
california lead in hate crime incidents. >> a shooting on the u.s. holocaust memorial in washington dc, vandalism on the memorial in san francisco, according to the defamation league, they are 2 of the 211 incidents reported in 2009. >> it comes back to intolerance, racism the new audit led the nation with 275 incidents last year. new york, new jersey and florida followed. rabbi stephen pierce is talking about the heavily secured street in san francisco. the rabbi says the high number of incidents in california could be attributed to the economy. when times are tough, he says, people look for someone to blame. >> they choose a convenient target. they're very visible, high profile society. >> the regional director of the defamation league agrees with the rabbi about his economic theory. she says more and more youth are being targeted. >> we see something on facebook where someone will create a page about a student. or a student will log in and look at their wall to see this. >> she said it's about education at home and in the schools. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> an 8% group in consumer con
evening. it's thursday, jewel 29th. this is bay area news at 7:00. it's a shocking allegation, a u.s. senator says thousand of military graves at arlington national cemetery may be mismarked. we wanted to know if the problem extends to other military graveyards. we are live with news of a key difference. >> reporter: well, for many military families, just the idea of someone's remains being mishandled is disturbing and what happened in arlington is raising questions about whether it could happen at other national cemeteries. stars and stripes fly over a feel of green. but today, a sha key of -- shadow of doubt was cast during a congressional hearing. >>> at a cover serve tiff estimate, 4900 to 66,000 graves may be unmarked, improperly marked or mis. >> reporter: the hearing was held after a report last month revealed poor record keeping and a lack of oversite by the staff. today the former superintendent apologized. >> i accept full responsibility for the actions of my team. >> reporter: the issue has raised concern nationwide. >> i think it's disrespectful to the families that there
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8